Hidden Bosa

Located in the North-Western coast of Sardinia, Bosa is a small village of ancient origins. Crossed by the river Temo (the only navigable river in Sardinia) Bosa village is characterized by typical colorful houses in pastel colors, the wrought-iron balconies and the narrow alleys of the old town. Everything gives a magical atmosphere, making Bosa one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

The 900 years old Malaspina Castle, dominates the town from above. The houses began to be built at the foot of the castle for protection thus giving life to the birth of the medieval quarter, precisely knows Sa Costa (the coast).

Bosa seaside is a sequence of small hidden bays, each one reachable through wild paths. Behind them are rugged valleys in which the Griffon Vultures rappresent the main wildlife attractions.

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