Sa Crabarissa Lost on the edge of Barigadu Dare Sardinia

Sa Crabarissa: Lost on the edge of Barigadu

Once upon a time, a group of sheperds left Austis, a village in central Sardinia, to bring their flocks, during the winter, to the green and warmer fields of Campidanu.

One of them, an handsome young guy, seduced a local woman with promises of love swearing to be back, in future, to marry her!

She believed all of his fake promises but seasons were passing by and the Sheperd from Austis didn’t show up anymore.

Moved by pride, she decided to check for herself what happened to her fiance.

After a long and hopeful walk, she reached Austis but found out that her love was already married to another woman.

She ran away with a broken heart and blinded by anger, so blind that she couldn’t find her way back home gettin’ lost, for ever, through paths in Barigadu.