Sa Crabarissa Lost on the edge of Barigadu Dare Sardinia

Sa Crabarissa: Lost on the edge of Barigadu

Once upon a time, a group of sheperds left Austis, a village in central Sardinia, to bring their flocks, during the winter, to the green and warmer fields of Campidanu.

One of them, an handsome young guy, seduced a local woman with promises of love swearing to be back, in future, to marry her!

She believed all of his fake promises but seasons were passing by and the Sheperd from Austis didn’t show up anymore.

Moved by pride, she decided to check for herself what happened to her fiance.

After a long and hopeful walk, she reached Austis but found out that her love was already married to another woman.

She ran away with a broken heart and blinded by anger, so blind that she couldn’t find her way back home gettin’ lost, for ever, through paths in Barigadu.

Paths In Barigadu SAlamoju Dare Sardinia

Paths In Barigadu: S’Alamoju

There’s a place, In the Heart of Sardinia, where primary oak forests represent not only a green lung of the island but, especially, a warm house for wildlife. In this amazing land, hidden between granite peaks and a deep mediterranean greenery, you could find Eagles, Hawks, Wildboars, Deers, Wildcats, Martens, Hedgehogs, Partridges, Foxes and many other endemic birds and insects.

Marvellous landscapes and secret paths will show you one of the wildest sides of Sardinia.

Paths In Barigadu: Su Canale ‘e Su Mòlinu

Far away from the mass tourism, you’ll find marvellous landscape and hidden treasures.

The historical region of Barigadu, in central Sardinia, offers secret paths that will give you a wild, different and unexpected side of the whole island.

Fully absorbed in evergreen forests, between canyons and archeological sites, whilst listening to the sound of nature, you’ll discover these hidden gems.

Lake Omodeo and its Treasures

Lake Omodeo, located in the heart of the Island, it’s the largest artificial Lake in Italy. It hides lot of archaeological witnesses! Dare Sardinia will help you out exploring all of them, by Kayak, in its basin, or Hiking in its ridges.

Old Villages, “Nuraghi”, “Domus de Janas”, Fossil Forests and wild coves are only few of the treasures that will delight your visit in Lake Omodeo.

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Hidden Bosa

Located in the North-Western coast of Sardinia, Bosa is a small village of ancient origins. Crossed by the river Temo (the only navigable river in Sardinia) Bosa village is characterized by typical colorful houses in pastel colors, the wrought-iron balconies and the narrow alleys of the old town. Everything gives a magical atmosphere, making Bosa one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

The 900 years old Malaspina Castle, dominates the town from above. The houses began to be built at the foot of the castle for protection thus giving life to the birth of the medieval quarter, precisely knows Sa Costa (the coast).

Bosa seaside is a sequence of small hidden bays, each one reachable through wild paths. Behind them are rugged valleys in which the Griffon Vultures rappresent the main wildlife attractions.

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Muristenes In Beranu

Sardinia is the second largest region of Italy and one of the biggest island of the Mediterranean. It’s quite famous all over the world for its clear waters and its summer life.

But its Heritage is much more incredible than what you expect. Is an ancient land full of unique traditions and habits. There’s a village, near the Lake Omodeo, call San Serafino, that on April the 28th will open its doors to show you how traditional lifestyle used to be in the heart of Sardinia but, somehow, still is!

Don’t miss the chance to visit “Muristenes in Beranu”

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Dare Wild Giara!

The “Giara” is a volcanic plateau located in the heart of Sardinia. Most of its territory is still unexplored and gives us the opportunity to experience a breathless environment walking accross its virgin mediterranean vegetation, through untouched “Paulis” (temporary ponds) following the paths left around by the uncontested King of this Land, the “Sardinian Wild Horse”.

We are glad to offer you a unique trekking where only the pure sound of nature will surround you in one of the wildest habitat of our wonderful island.

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A quiet place across the lake

Tired of your hectic life? Probably it’s time to have a break, hire a small house in the countryside, across a peaceful lake, not far from the seaside and its turkish clear waters.

In the middle of Sardinia, about 1 hour driving from Cagliari, there’s a perfect place for you. A rustic country house, surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere to walk around or just enjoy a good book, sitting in front of a fire place and tasting a glass of Cannonau.

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